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Our board-certified periodontists, Dr. Jack Lincks, Dr. Randy Demetter, and Dr. Michael Florence, take care of issues relating to all supporting structures. With transformative procedures that restore the health of gums, teeth, and supporting bone, we are confident in our ability to help our patients achieve a functional and healthy smile. 

We are accepting new referrals from general dentists for periodontal services in Boise and Nampa. If you are looking for specialist care and need to request a referral, contact our office today!

Care Based on Knowledge and Expertise

Between our three periodontists, we have decades of practical experience which is complemented by additional training. The field of periodontics is always advancing, and we strive to stay current in our practices through continuing education and are continually seeking ways to improve our care.

Striving for Excellence in All that We Do

Both our Boise and Nampa locations offer state-of-the-art periodontal care, ensuring our patients receive the best attention possible. We only suggest treatment that is proven to support total oral health. Our conservative emphasis allows patients to enjoy a healthier smile. We will recommend more thorough treatments when necessary to stop the spread of gum disease or secure the smile’s wellbeing. 

With many advanced tools, such as our dental laser and CBCT scanner, we ensure that patients will achieve restored oral health. 

Comfortable Care in a Positive Environment 

We make sure every patient has a good experience at our practice. Our friendly team helps patients relax by answering questions in detail and explaining each step of treatment before we move forward. We keep our office clean and tidy, which allows us to work safely and quickly. With large windows in every operatory, patients can enjoy an open atmosphere. 

Additionally, we take the time to listen to any concerns, especially when patients are in pain or have anxiety. We offer nitrous oxide inhalation, oral sedation, and IV sedation for patients who need additional help relaxing. 

Call us Today for Expert Periodontal Care!

Drs. Lincks, Demetter, and Florence have the experience patients need to obtain complete dental health. Whether you need periodontal maintenance or dental implants, our team takes care of all your periodontal needs in Boise.

Our main office is right at the intersection of E. Boise Avenue, Gekeler Lane, and Pennsylvania Ave. Our Nampa office is located at the intersection of Midland Blvd and Orchard Ave. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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