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Periodontal Health Specialists of Idaho Procedures in Boise & Nampa

Periodontal Health Specialists of Idaho is accepting new patients and all referrals. Our experts, Dr. Jack H. Lincks, Dr. Randy S. Demetter, and Dr. Michael J. Florence are board-certified periodontists who combine their clinical knowledge and experience with personal care. Our team strives to make every visit efficient and positive by giving each patient the one-on-one-care they deserve.

We have locations in both Boise and Nampa. Whether they come in for routine maintenance or with a dental emergency, patients can expect to be treated like family at either office and receive the high-quality care expected from our dedicated periodontists. 

Excellent Services for All Patients

At Periodontal Health Specialists of Idaho, we address a full range of periodontal issues, whether simple or complex. We work with general dentists to replace missing teeth and can perform implant placement as part of your smile’s restoration. When it comes to rebuilding dental structures lost to disease or normal wear, our periodontists are skilled in making your gums look as natural as possible. 

Visit our practice if your general dentist discovers you need the following: 

Scaling and Root Planing
Periodontal Maintenance
Soft Tissue and Bone Grafting
 Dental Implant Placement
Esthetic Crown Lengthening
Frenectomy Procedure
Exposure of Unerupted Teeth for Orthodontics

When providing care, Drs. Lincks, Demetter, and Florence are clear and honest about the steps involved and work hard to maximize your comfort. We follow up with patients to ensure their oral health is properly maintained, protecting the long-term well-being of their smile.

What We Can Do For You

We address health issues that are impacting the smile’s supporting structures, the gums and bone. Without them, teeth do not have a strong foundation and cannot last. Our periodontists treat gingivitis and other diseases affecting the gums and perform many procedures to restore health to the supporting soft tissue and bone. It is our goal to make your whole smile healthy with proven procedures and advanced tools. 

We also educate patients on the importance of hygiene and how their oral health affects general health. Our doctors clearly explain the signs of gum disease so our patients can be proactive in their oral care. We focus on the importance of systemic health as well as oral health and inform our patients of the important connection between the two. We know how essential it is to take care of every part of the smile, as this results in total wellness and beautiful teeth that last. 

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Drs. Lincks, Demetter, and Florence are proud to offer patients the high-quality periodontal care they deserve. With an emphasis on restoring health to the whole smile, you can trust our care is designed to benefit both function and aesthetics. Call us today for a referral or to schedule an appointment directly in our Boise or Nampa offices. 

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