Drs. Jack Lincks, Randy Demetter & Mike Florence

Laser Therapy

Laser Dentistry from Periodontal Health Specialists of Idaho 

At Periodontal Health Specialists of Idaho, we use dental lasers to enhance our patients’ comfort and improve their oral health. These advanced tools allow our periodontists, Dr. Michael J. Florence, Dr. Jack H. Lincks, and Dr. Randy S. Demetter, to address problems affecting the soft tissues.

We offer laser dentistry in Boise and Nampa. Our two offices are equipped with Waterlase technology, increasing the effectiveness of your treatments and restoring your smile to full health. 

Advantages of Laser Periodontal Procedures

Lasers use concentrated light beams to remove tissue and infection. Unlike traditional tools, light does not cut or generate noticeable amounts of heat. Quiet and quick, dental lasers allow many patients to be relaxed, without fear of discomfort. Dental lasers eliminate bacteria almost entirely and encourage soft tissues to heal correctly. As a laser passes through an area, it simultaneously removes tissue and causes clotting, creating a healthy environment for healing. Ultimately, laser treatment works with the body’s natural ability to repair itself, making for an overall improved experience. 

Patients who undergo laser treatments report diminished post-procedure discomfort, and the minimally invasive nature of dental lasers means less of the smile is affected. Although not always a stand-alone substitute for traditional procedures, dental laser treatments can supplement an existing care plan and grant additional oral health benefits. 

Our Laser Periodontal Treatments 

Our periodontists use the Waterlase dental laser to perform multiple periodontal treatments. In the case of advanced gum disease, the additional use of the Waterlase laser aids in bacteria removal and revitalizes the health of supporting tissues. As treatment progresses, gums begin to reattach to the affected area resulting in healthy gingival tissues. The Waterlase is precise and reliable, making this in-depth treatment much more comfortable for patients. 

The Waterlase dental laser can also be used for other soft tissue treatments such as frenectomies, gingivectomies, and biopsies. We offer these services in both our Boise and Nampa offices. Combining the benefits of a dental laser with a comfortable and constant stream of water, this tool is highly beneficial.. Younger patients, adults, and seniors enjoy the ease of care the Waterlase affords them, simplifying the process of achieving a healthy and beautiful smile. 

Contact Our Team for Laser Dentistry in Boise and Nampa

If you’re seeking expert periodontal care with the best technology available, look no further than Periodontal Health Specialists of Idaho. Our periodontal laser treatments are both comfortable and cost-effective, helping you have healthier gums for a lifetime. Call Dr. Florence, Dr. Lincks, or Dr. Demetter to schedule an appointment, or to refer your patients.



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